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What's the Secret to becoming a Successful Actor?


There are NO secrets. But there are a few qualities that are

common in all the GOATS, our industry has. 



Hard Work

And......... putting the ACT in Acting!!

(We can help with this one)

 Learn from Vancouver's most favourite and seasoned coaches.

Check out our classes below!!

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150 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C1

Scene Study 

with John Murphy

Class Description

In this class we’ll explore the foundational concepts of acting in a hands-on way. Working on scenes we’ll uncover the different layers of a script and how to translate those things into a performance. 


Writers often say, “Start with character.” That’s what we’ll do. Who is this character? What do they want? What are the obstacles in their way? How do they overcome them? How is their character transformed? What purpose do they serve in the story? The actor is ultimately a storyteller.


We’ll work on technical elements like pacing and rhythm, physicality of character and we’ll explore more imaginative work like the psychology of the character and the given circumstances of a scene. In essence, acting is an act of imagination – believing something to be real that isn’t. 


By the end of this class, you’ll have some practical tools that you can use to analyze a script and bring to life the words of the writer in a truthful and believable way. 

Monday Afternoons - In Person class (6 weeks)
June 17 - July 22 | 1pm-4pm | Max 10 Students
$400 excl. GST


Improv for Film Acting

with David C. Jones

Class Description

This class is focused on the techniques that you need to explore playfulness, and improvise your work in a supportive and open environment through a series of games and short-form exercises geared to spark your imagination! Learning to listen with intent, be a storyteller and react to others impulsively, leads to great improvised scenes! You don’t need any previous experience in acting or performing. This improv class will get your imagination and creativity into full swing. Come to build confidence, have fun and improve your skills.

You are often asked to improvise, particularly in commercial auditions. David will share techniques that will help you achieve your personal best.

David C. Jones loves teaching, and loves learning from his students. He loves watching those aha moments as concepts he is trying to share in storytelling land, and students discover how well they work.

Monday Evening - In Person class (6 weeks)
June 10 - July 15| 7pm-9:30pm | Max 14 Students
$200 excl. GST

The Audition

with Henry J Mah

Class Description

Self tape auditions are here to stay, making it more important than ever for an actor to be able to understand the sides and deliver their best with no redirection. 'The Audition' class will focus on On-Camera audition techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced performer, there is something available for everyone! This class is specifically based on Linda Darlow’s 12 Choices curriculum. In this 6-week class, Henry will teach the 6 basic choices that must be in every audition scene. These choices will help with breaking down the script and analyzing it correctly to deliver a personal and unique audition or self-tape

Actors will get individual feedback which will help them make stronger choices and understand the stakes in the scene, so you are prepared for your next audition. 

Tuesday Afternoons - In Person class (6 weeks)
June 11 - July 16 | 1pm-4pm | Max 8 Students
$300 excl. GST

Presence Lab

with June Laporte

Class Description

Stanford Meisner created the Repetition exercise to get actors out of their own over-intellectualizing and self consciousness, and into their impulses by putting their attention completely on their scene partner. Presence and vulnerability are muscles that actors and artists must use! In this process based class, we will stretch those muscles by learning the Meisner Repetition exercise, Strasberg Relaxation, and Anne Bogart's Viewpoints. This is a space of safe exploration for artists looking to cultivate tangible tools to create a deeper capacity for presence and vulnerability within the work. Suitable for actors looking to tap back into the work, and beginners to Meisner. 

Wednesday Morning - In Person class (6 weeks)June 12 - July 17| 10am-1pm | Max 12 Students
$300 excl. GST

Youth Acting (Ages 12-18Yr.)

with Trevor Roberts

Class Description

In this class, we’ll work on the basics of film acting

and auditioning; the realities of set life/working in the

industry; how to work from a place of truth; and most

importantly, how to make strong, specific and

memorable choices so that your work stands out.

We’ll have evaluated “mock auditions”, exercises in

each class that fold into the focus of that day’s work,

as well as fundamental acting warm-ups (speech

and physicality) and the skills that provide a solid

foundation for young actors, to work professionally in

Vancouver’s exciting film industry.

My mentor, Carole Tarlington, instilled in me, in my

25+ years working with her… “We don’t train ‘film

actors’, we train actors.”

Thursday Afternoon - In Person class (6 weeks)
May 30 - July 4| 4pm-6:30pm | Max 12 Students
$300 excl. GST

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