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MiTribe Studio

We offer our professional recording studio for private bookings. We aim to be the #1 spot for actor self tapes, demo scenes and private bookings for shorts, features, music video etc.  We got you covered!! Whether you are a new actor or an experienced one, our well equipped studio gives you various options to book your self tape sessions based on your budget.



The Ultimate Spot for Writers and Actors to show their Talent. MiTribe Table Read Workshop is a spot for writers to have their raw script read out loud by actors and have feedback and for actors to be a part of a potential Feature Film/Pilot script.

MiTribe co-owner Rowan Jang has been involved in the casting of numerous projects over the past decade. As both a producer and a former actor, he brings his experience on both sides of the camera and his in-depth knowledge of the casting process.

MiTribe Casting
MiTribe Table Read Workshop

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