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MiTribe Manor

Welcome to MiTribe Manor! A Total of 3000 sq ft Interiors & Exteriors, this house is both a home, a production office…and an $ affordable $ filming location for low budget indie films!


The features:

Front lawn / patio (for exterior filming). 

Spiral staircase

Living Room


Office Space


Dining area

1 small bedroom

1 master bedroom with ensuite

Back deck

Back Driveway (for gear load in) 

Pricing & Viewing

A Full Day Shoot

  • 15 hours Of Access 

  • $599 + GST

A Half Day Shoot

  • 8 hours Of Access 

  • $350 + GST

Viewing Details

  • 1 hour viewing slots

  • Free of charge!

  • Location: Vancouver-Killarney area (address released when a viewing is booked) 

Special deals and promotions available.

Get a Free Quote

Reach out to us with more details for a Free Quote and Viewing of the Manor!

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