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About Us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

MiTribe Media was officially founded on November 5th, 2016 when childhood friends Rowan Jang and Henry Corbet decided to combine their talents for film and music production to create a company that works in both mediums. We contribute to the Vancouver artistic community through production support services and mentorships in our studio at 150 East 3rd Avenue, and live events designed to bring people together in celebration of each other’s work.


Our Story

MiTribe Media is a multi-media entertainment company founded with the goal of growing and supporting the Vancouver film, television and music industries. Our mission is to provide a platform for emerging artists to create and share their work. The directors fresh out of film school, the writers ready to share their first draft, the actors eager for their first role on camera, and all others with creativity and talent who have not yet had their chance to shine; they are our tribe. We aim to amplify their voices, so they can share their stories with the world.

Meet The Team


Rowan Jang
Founder & Co-Owner

Henry 2022_edited.jpg

Henry Corbet
Founder & Co-Owner



Kelly Kieu
Event Co-ordinator


Evan Gillmore
Technical Director

Christina Adams Headshot 3.jpg

Christina Adams
Operations Director

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