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Meet Our Coaches

Henry J Mah 

Actor, Acting Coach & Life Coach

Henry J Mah started out in stand-up comedy in the late 80s. In the mid 90s he began to focus on acting as well, landing the role of Snoopy in the First Impressions Theatre 1994 production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. He booked his first paid film acting job in 1996 and has mostly focused on film work since then. In 2003 he wrote and starred in his own short film “No One Ever Suspects the Chinese Guy”. This same year he began to co-lead the Performer’s Mastery with Linda Darlow, and then in 2006 he began teaching Linda Darlow’s AuditionCraft technique. In 2019 he certified as a life coach. Employing his skills in leading workshops and teaching classes in combination with his life coaching, he seeks to get authentic audition reads using creative choices that support the material the actor is reading for.

Derek Morrison

Actor & Acting Coach

Derek has been involved in the Film world for over 30 years. Working in all areas, including Film, Television, Theatre and Commercials. Training and working with some amazing talent along the way. Having worked with most of Vancouver's Casting Directors for years, Derek comes with an intimate knowledge of what's required in the room. If we can learn to be ourselves in front of the camera, it's a gift to ALL who watch. Already the Go-To Person for several working actors, it is Time to broaden the horizons.

"Just Remember To Breathe"

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Debjani Bose

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Actor, Dancer & Acting Coach

Debjani Bose is an Actor, Dancer and Acting Coach who started out with theatre as a child and then moved to Film & TV. Coming from a small town in India, in just three short years in Vancouver, Debjani Bose has trained extensively with Coaches like Frank Cassini, Jill Morrison & Nelson Wong on different techniques including Scene Study, On-Camera Audition, Meisner & Voice/Accent Coaching. After Investing hours in CD Workshops, she has developed relationships with CDs like Candice Elzinga, K&K Casting, Ann Forry Casting, and  Vancouver Casting. She knows what they like, and how to deliver it while staying true to your art.

"Have Fun with the Script"
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